Methyl Ester known as Biodiesel is commonly produced in southeast asian country that have a huge of palm oil field like Indonesia and Malaysia. Beside of producing biodiesel from original palm oil, country like Indonesia have another potential raw material source that is waste cooking oil. People in Indonesia called it Minyak Jelantah. 

Many countries from europe imported the crude waste cooking oil from indonesia as a source for making biodiesel for engine fueled in factory or another industries that need diesel for running their production machines.

Many concern about the pollution impact by waste cooking oil for environmental issues, like soil pollution and ocean though. As we know waste cooking oil is one of the greatest pollutant in the world today. It can bring disaster for water biotic because 1 gallon of waste cooking oil can pollute 1000 gallons of water reservoir places like river and lake. 

Even though we know that biodiesel have benefit for environmental sustainability there are some issues for using this kind of biomass fuel. One of them is the power or calories from methyl ester compare with Petroleum Solar. Beside that there is an issue about “rubber-eater” from the biodiesel that cost more money for maintenance of shield on many parts of engine.

We are from Jalantara Foundation have a thought that biodiesel especially in Indonesian does not have much improvement product beside for industrial machine and diesel car. Perhaps in near time biodiesel can advance to the small and micro entrepreneur units. They can used this green energy to support their production activity like for cooking stove, fueled distillation machine for essential oil production, back up electricity for local fishery Generator and can fueled for farming and other small business.

We need to enhance Waste cooking oil derivation product beside biodiesel. In Jalantara foundation we are producing home care from waste cooking oil. As we know that household is the most powerful consumer to used this kind of products at the same time they also produce waste cooking oil so there is an opportunity to make circular economy based for waste cooking oil enhancing product.

Waste cooking oil recycling to their daily goods. As Liquid dishwasher, Detergent, liquid hand soap and more daily goods product. 

Jalantara as research based foundation concern about fact that estimated 18-20% of waste cooking oil is bleaching and back to the market that have a huge impact of human healthiness. We already know that public healthy is the capital to grow the country beside an educational level simultaneously. Cost recovery for public healthiness is more expensive than only small fraud money for selling reuse palm oil.

Talking about biodiesel means talk also about power that can used for growing our economic size. Because energy needed for every production activity that refers to growth and sustainable economy.

Waste cooking oil that converted into biodiesel will cut the production cost and at the same time support sustainable environment. The government need to change the mindset about this kind of garbage as the potential for growing the micro and small enterprises. And the most important thing is we are from Jalantara foundation focus on garbage management system by the community. If the community produce amount of garbage they need to convert it to their other needs like for energy and surfactants based product like home care and so on.

Government need to deploy the expert to envoy and start waste management system by community based. It will reduced a lot of landfill works for. It supposed conduct to form an academy or short courses for easy and safe science application for community waste management.

Jalantara headquarter in Bojongsari Depok, West java is the pilot project for triggering a system that we talked about. It started in two residential houses named Greenland Forest Park and Greenland healthful living. In this community plastic and waste cooking oil is recycle more and focusing on circular system with tagline “from us for us”.  The waste cooking oil is processing to become household product and the energy is use to support residence activity and share for small enterprises for their production and at the mean time it is for biodiesel production itself. 

Jalantara reached the attention because we are open the source and how to develop Jalantara system for other community as a vision for circular economy. Thousand tons of waste cooking oil will recover and being prevent soil and water pollution in the future.

For only a month one small residential houses can cut almost 200 Litres of waste cooking oil. It circularly back from nature to nature safely. We believe that every product that comes from nature back safely and sustain to the nature though. We can do it in more places in Indonesia.

Social collaboration needed to ended the main problem of waste management that comes from household. It start from the household and cut a hard work that ended in landfill and last option in incinerator or pyrolitic machines. We believe we can do it together. Just visit our project, share the knowledge and experience. Jalantara vision for the better earth.